Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Let them wonder how we got this far cause I dont really need to wonder at all

When I took this snapshots, my bf was repairing my room's electricity hhe.
He was so fussy about me because I was dressed up while he looked very messed up with his own tools. One thing I always remember about that day we're already through 4,5 years together. We're so exicited. We have passed bad and good times together, doing our weirdness if I might say. This year instead of fullfiling by arguing or fighting we had such so many dainty moments. We have disscussed so much lately to alter bad things, vexing habits, and etc.

||top-shopatvelvet | skirt - vintage | socks - unbranded | bag - Celine (old) | flats - New Look | necklace - Mom's|| 

Virtually Im gonna wear this outfit to have a quick dinner with my bf but then he complained to see I will let my legs bared. Sometimes he sounds like my grandma, he reminds me a lot about my dear gradma. Maybe that's one of the reason I couldn't stay away from him. Okay, stop for tedious blabbling, have a wonderful day peeps :)) 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

To be fancy why should be prizy???

I've been listening of Ariana Grande's song and i love almost all her song. Ariana's like my new fave female singer I guess. Her songs could drench and flatter me with spirits, since i always feel really lazy to take off my ass from my bed in the morning.

||Jacket-thrifted, Top-Hudson Honey(thrifted), Watch-Unbranded, Bracelet-downtown's found, Sandals-Nevada||                                                    

Just like what i always thought, being fashionable with your own style musn't be expensive. Flea market provide us many choices to be fancy. If we're lucky we could find bunch of branded clothes,that's the art of thrifting, isn't it?
Believe it or not, go thrifting. is like giving us different vibe of shopping. My eyes are really blinking all the times to see good clothes are scattered there.

Later on, I have a plan to open my own shop. Literally, i wanna run a shop since a quite long time. But then too many distraction. Wish me luck i can open my own shop soon. In addition, this will be thrifted shop!!! So for you, thrifting lovers, be ready to seek sort of treasures!!!!!!!!

Perhaps, Ariana Grande's song sounds suitable to the sensation of thrifting.
 " i love the way you make me feel".

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Metabo & Camile

Metabo was a good father, though he's not  real he gave me an epitomized of a good father. Metabo was a great javelin thrower, he sacrificed himself to protect his lil girl Camile from his enemies.He threw the javelin with his daughter knot on to, and threw the javelin as far as he could. Metabo swam across the deep river and found his daughter.Thus might be an ordinary story for you, but since my father had left since so whatever years years and years ago. I didn't really know what father's role actually has to do, hence when I read this story, it's really touching.
||Dress - ROMWE | Belt - Unbraded | Watch - Fendi | Mary Jane - Aldo shoes | Bag - Granni's Channel | Neckace - Mom's||

Walking in a dark lane alone it's like a habit. Searching for my hiding shack, while pebbles led me to go there.  I'm not looking a pampering life nor the superb one. What will you do,the person who should love and care about, being a traitor from the beginning? Left you scars you couldn't erase. Mind are piled by the severe memories.

Camile was so lucky for having Metabo. From this story, at least I could figure out how a father should be. In this coincidence Metabo & Camile taught me a piece of life lesson.