Friday, 25 July 2014

Florida Kilos

Have been listening to Lana Del Rey's music and I found her music taste sounds a lil bit weird yet ear-catching. Thus, makes me keep listening to her tracks and so far be a good companion when I go somewhere or on the way to the office. Florida kilos is one of the song in her latest album Ultraviolence. The lyric is cool idk why I like how the way she picked some words as in the lyric. Like I said she's so bold both in fashion style and music taste. Unsual but iconic.

|| daisy dainty-h&m | skirt-missisipi | flipflop-airwalk | bag-gosh | necklace-itsbelle bijoux ||

I wore this outfit while having an afternoon dating. My boyfi and I took a walk around the city looking for something cute to buy. And we didn't instead I did a lil haircut to my messy hair. Btw, I already got my Idul Fitri holiday. Waaa happy me!!! 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

They send me so many butterflies in my stomach

Well yesterday was my birthday. First I wanna say so much thank you to God who always very kind and because of his will I am still alive and feeling extremely happy!!!!
I am super grateful of having lovely people surround me who care and send so many warm fond great wishes and greets. Thank you!  My boyfie as always puts himself into the top of list people who gives me very early surprise gift. I love him so much.

His gift and super duper sweet note

My boyfie knows me very well than any person in this life even my mom doesnt know me the way he does. He knows I am about craving that bag. Last time I checked in its counter puff it has gone. I felt regret at that time why dont I just purchase it. Normally, when I feel sad of something he wont remind it. Instead he keeps remimding me about that bag. Great boyfie he succeed to make me feeling bothered. The suprise came up!!!! I bet you know how the story ends. Yep he has already purchased it actually and gave it as my birthday gift. Yeiiiy!! 

That note made me burst into tears of happiness. I know I precisely choose the right man to be my side. 

Next, another surprise came from my pretty bonkers office mate, call her Kyoto. She got her off day hence yesterday I worked without her. As usual I opened my locker until I realized I found a package. Here we go another cute baby has arrived. She knows I aint a neat person she told me why she chose that cute baby because she wants my money wont be wrinkled inside my pocket haha. whatta a gift with the purpose.

My family also held a lil celebration while  we were having a breakfasting, my papa prayed for me before we got this dine. My aunt set this up and made me a cake. Can you spot over there?

My boss came over to the office a half hour before I went home. Sent me great greet and wishes also brought me a big sponge cake. Sorry the cake has been transformed into slices hehe.

My auntie home made Sambal (traditional chilli sauce) they are my fave once you have tried you would never stop. So delicious and hot. My boyfie loves them too.

One of my sister Ara is very expert in drawing. She made me this as my gift. So cute ♥

Fave sticker. Princess!!! Another sister Meniq gave this as my gift. Such an understanding sister. She just turned 8 on 26June. 

After all the core of this moment are the prayers which have sent for me. Thank you family and friends. There is nothing more important than sincere prayers from lovely people. Anyway I also would like to say Happy Fasting !!!! 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Fairyland is like my eternal destination

I wonder living in a fairyland. Whereas a big tulip as my home, cute mini dress as my cloth, delicate purple and pink wings to fly, and other dainty things surround me.

I woke up this morning and found myself still in an earth, where eveybody is busy to gain for money and glory. I am now not a typical person who is very optimistic in chasing gold. You might think I lie, but that is me. I sometimes think I'm a lost fairy and drop in the earth. I guess earth is too cruel to live inside. 

|| dress - thrifted | socks - unbranded | mary jane shoes - Aldo | bow crown - my sist's DIY || 

You might say I am an unlogic person or even the childish one, cause I am still hoping to live in a fairyland. But yes, I do.  

The reason I wanna move to a fairyland is very cliche actually. Things keep swirling in my mind are they will be no envy feeling but helping each other, never worry of run out of money, stay happy and cheerful, marry with the fairyman who is very handsome and well behaved and so many good things.

The scariest moment you might deal with while living in a fairyland perhaps is facing kind of monsters or witches. But at the end kindness is always win right? ;)) Well let see if  we can change our earth as if we're like living in a fairyland ♥